(use to contact all board members as a group)

​Contacting the Board

The association does not have a office or maintain office hours, but they can be contacted as provided below. It is always recommended that you contact the board and committees in writing. This provides documentation of your request for reference purposes. 

Mailing Address

SpringWood HOA, Inc.

PO Box 462

Belle Chasse, La 70037

President: Justin Reppel 504-610-0511

Vice President: Daniel Morrill 504-460-6003

Treasurer: Chrissy Forestier (504) 554-5666

Secretary: Pam Prest

ARC Committee: (group email, all members will be copied)

Compliance: Ryan Ebberman (VP copied on mail)

Entertainment: Stacey Perreira (504) 236-2206 

Webmaster: Mike Perreira 

All board members and committee members are volunteers and will do their best to address your concerns in a timely manner. Please be sure to include your contact information in your correspondence.