Due by January 1st yearly.

Dues for 2022 are $325

If payment is not made by January 31st 

a past due notice will be mailed and a initial $50 dollar late fee will apply.  If the payment is still outstanding by February 28th another late fee will be added of $ 25.00.  If the payment is still not received by March 30th another late fee will be added of $25.00.

If not paid by March 30th, a certified letter will be mailed by the attorney informing the owner that if their assessment, penalty and attorney fees are not paid, a lien will be filed against the property.

Finally: A lien affidavit will be file for registry and recorded in the Clerk of Court's office for the Parish of Plaquemines.

New lot owners can update their contact information with the HOA secretary on this page. The address on file with the HOA will be used to bill the HOA dues for the current year.